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Tropical island middle school festival

May 4 - May 7 2017
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As the students leave the shores of one land and venture to the ISLAND, the trappings of their old culture and status will be stripped away. The core workshops will provide the opportunity to explore the conflicting human impulses which are magnified in this land far from home. Strangers thrown together must learn to survive not only as an individual, but as part of a group. New identities will begin to emerge, formed from shared experiences. Ideas will rise and philosophies will fall as the newly formed tribes construct a shared mythology and explore their new culture through their chosen art.


There is no out and about at this festival - as the whole festival is an out and about!


This is a workshop model festival. All students will choose, ahead of time, to follow a core workshop throughout the three days. In addition students may choose two taster workshops. While not confirmed - core workshops are likely to include clown, physical theatre/dance, African theatre, storytelling plus a couple more tbc.


Australian International School Singapore

Bangkok Patana School

Dulwich College Singapore

International School of Beijing

Singapore American School


Rep: Leanne Fulcher

Student Ensemble Leader: Jez Gregg

Student Ensemble Leader: Mhairi MacInnes

Student Ensemble Leader: Keriann ORourke

Student Ensemble Leader: Greg Ruhe

Student Ensemble Leader: Chris Salisbury


Singapore American School - Leanne Fulcher



Telunas Island, Riau Islands, Indonesia

The above link will take you to the host, Leanne's website - bespoke for this festival.


The ISTA website is for basic launch information only.


Participating schools will use the above website for all further information, dates and forms - as we get into planning.


You'll find lots of information on the site - photos from our last event on Telunas - as well as useful facts, details and info for planning. Workshop information will be updated as it is added.


Visiting schools

By the end of January we will ask all visiting schools to submit 2 workshops (title, descriptor and leader bio) that teachers are willing to lead - more information to follow. This can be one workshop that runs twice or two different workshops. This is up to individual schools.


Registration opens 9th February 2017

Registration closes 23rd February 2017

Travel information, also due by 23 February 2017


Please note:

The registration window for this festival is earlier due to additional information we will need from you at registration as well as dates dictated by Telunas.


We advise that you have your group confirmed and all information collected prior to the end of January 2017.


All participating schools will need to be at the Harbourfront Center in Singapore by 8:30am on Thursday 4th May. It is suggested that schools stay in the Bay Hotel near the Harbourfront Centre the night prior to departure to Telunas island so that they arrive to the ferry terminal on time.


Schools will arrive back into Singapore at approximately 4:00pm on Sunday 7th May.


ISTA artists

ISTA artists will need to arrive on Tuesday 2nd May in time for an evening meal and may leave Singapore on the evening of Sunday 7th May 2017 after 4:30pm.


The festival begins with the boat ride to Telunas - and so begins 10:00am on Thursday 4th May and finishes on arrival back into Singapore on Sunday afternoon.




Please note:

The fee for this festival is all inclusive and is structured differently to regular ISTA festivals.

The cost includes ferry, speedy clearance at customs, accommodation, meals, a t-shirt, other treats (!) and the ISTA workshop costs.

The cost does not include visa for Singapore and Indonesia (if required), travel to the Harbourfront Centre or additional accommodation in Singapore (for schools travelling from outside Singapore)

Total cost - per student = £400.00



The accommodation and meals on Telunas are free for teachers and chaperones therefore all adults attending pay the bargain price of £30.00 which covers ferry, speedy clearance at customs and a t-shirt.


Please note:

1) A £500.00 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit will be invoiced upon booking.

2) A cancellation fee of £500.00 will be incurred for any school who cancels within 12 weeks of the festival. This is additional to the deposit.

3) There is a late registration fee of £150.00 per school booking for schools who register after 23rd February 2017.


Visiting schools

Local and visiting schools are responsible for booking their own travel to and from Harbourfront where the ferry will depart. It is recommended that visiting schools stay at the Bay Hotel (information provided below) the night prior to the ferry departure.


For the first time we are opening up this festival to schools outside of Singapore.


Schools outside Singapore will need to cover air fare to Singapore, accommodation in Singapore the night before the festival and transport to and from the ferry terminal.


Dinner on the eve of the 3rd and breakfast on the 4th is also not included in the costs. Snacks for the boat trip are recommended.


As participants will be entering Singapore and Indonesia it is important to consider the need for a visa for both countries.


In most cases, a visa is not needed for Singapore, but it is important to check requirements.

The host school will organise visas and speedy clearance into Indonesia for anyone who is elegible for Visa On Arrival (VOA). If you have a student or teacher from a country that requires a more formal visa, then this must be organised in advance. You can check here to see which countries are eligible for VOA:


Please note:

ISTA artists

ISTA artists are responsible for booking their own flights to the festival once flight costs have been approved. Artist teams are usually activated 12 weeks prior to the event.


Artists are also responsible for ensuring they have the necessary visa to enter Singapore and Indonesia. For most nationalities a visa is not required for Singapore. You can check here As long as the artist if from a country eligible for Visa on Arrival, the host school will organize all visas and speedy clearance.


Visiting schools


It is recommended that all visiting schools stay at the Bay Hotel the night prior to the festival start date to ensure that they are on time for the early morning ferry departure and customs clearance.


Bay Hotel

50 Telok Blangah Rd. Singapore 098828

Single = $170 SGD (includes breakfast) = approximately £96 GBP

Double = $200 SGD (includes breakfast) = £113 GBP


Please note that your stay at the Bay Hotel is in addition to the festival costs as it it is outside of the festival dates. This is a recommended location to stay prior to the festival start date.


All accompanying adults will stay in shared rooms at the Telunas resort for the duration of the festival dates.

We will try to accommodate any travelling couples - to share the same room.

Teachers will need to be willing to share with adults from other schools (same gender).

We acknowledge that this is a 24/7 festival, but we guarantee teachers will have lots of down time. Except for meal times and evening student socials, teachers will only have a few hours each of free time duty. As the festival is a hotel model festival as opposed to homestay it is ISTA's expectation that teachers/chaperones will look after students outside of scheduled festival times.


Please note:

We are asking that there be a maximum of 3 chaperones per school group.

If at all possible, if one of those chaperones had life guarding qualifications - that would be enormously helpful - something to consider as you secure adults to accompany the trip.


Visiting students

Students will stay in dorms at the Telunas resort.

We will ask each student to pick a room 'buddy' ahead of time so they have one friend from the same school.

Outside of this - students will be sharing with peers from other schools as we feel this is a valuable element of the social aspect of the programme.


ISTA artists

Artists will stay at the Bay Hotel in Singapore prior to the festival departure to Indonesia. Artists will then be asked to share rooms at the Telunas resort with fellow artists (same gender).

Artists will be responsible for any miscellaneous costs during their stay at the hotel.

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