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Luxembourg middle school festival

March 30 - April 2 2017
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Hidden identities


The ancient legend of Melusina tells the tale of a beautiful young wife whose husband, the first Count of Luxembourg, eventually discovers that she is a mermaid. Horrified that her secret has been discovered, she flees, never to be seen again. Taking this tale as a stimulus this festival asks if we are ever truly ourselves with the people we love? What parts of human nature do we find we keep hidden? What is it to truly be yourself?


A trip to explore and work in and around the fortified part of the city that is linked to the legend; an ancient Abbey site which has been a village, an abbey, a prison and is now a cultural centre.


All ensembles will be general devising.


ACS Hillingdon International School

Alexander Pushkin School

American International School of Bucharest

American International School of Budapest

American School in London

International School of Bearn

International School of Luxembourg

Uskudar American Academy

Wiesbaden High School


Artistic Director: Matt Douglas

Rep: Sophie Galton

Student Ensemble Leader: Gillian Ani

Student Ensemble Leader: Bill Bowers

Student Ensemble Leader: Joanna Holden/Robinson

Student Ensemble Leader: Helen Leblique

Student Ensemble Leader: Greg Ruhe

Student Ensemble Leader: Sydney Smith


Scott Macky



International School of Luxembourg
36 Boulevard Pierre Dupong
1430 Luxembourg District, Luxembourg


Tel: + 352 260 440


Visiting schools
Registration opens 2nd February 2017.
Registration closes 16th February 2017.


Please note:
We advise that you have your group confirmed and all information collected prior to 2nd February 2017.


Travel forms are due from visiting schools and ISTA artists by 2nd March 2017.


All schools will need to be at the International School of Luxembourg by 4:00pm on Thursday 30th March 2017; and may leave the school after the close at 12:30pm on Sunday.


ISTA artists
ISTA artists will need to arrive on Wednesday 29th March 2017 in time for an evening meal and may leave the school after 1:00pm on the Sunday.


Please note that the Rep and AD need to arrive a day earlier and should therefore be in Luxembourg by the evening of Tuesday 28th March.


The festival begins at 4:00pm on Thursday 30th March 2017 and finishes at 12:30pm on Sunday 2nd April 2017.


Registration fees
£206.00 per student (this includes the cost of an ISTA t-shirt).
For student registration fees for host students and students from Global Patron schools please visit Our Fees on the website.
£10.00 for airport transfers; £10.00 for the out and about.
£226.00 per student.


Registration fees
£28.00 (catering fees).
£10.00 for airport transfers; £10.00 for the out and about; £12.00 for an ISTA t-shirt.
£60.00 per teacher/chaperone.


Please note:
1) A £500.00 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit will be invoiced upon booking.
2) A cancellation fee of £500.00 will be incurred for any school who cancels within 12 weeks of the festival. This is additional to the deposit.
3) There is a late registration fee of £150.00 per school booking for schools who register after 16th February 2017.



All participants

- are responsible for organising their own travel and visas for this festival;

- will fly into Luxembourg Findel Airport;

- or Luxembourg Gare Centrale - Luxembourg Central Station

- should allow approximately 20 minutes to travel from the airport to the school/hotel; 7 minutes from the train station.


For schools

All visiting schools will be met by a chaperone and transferred to the school on public transport.


For ISTA artists

Artists will be met by a chaperone and transferred by private car.


During the festival

Students will travel in daily with their host families.


Visiting teachers and ISTA artists will be transported to and from the hotel by private car or taxis.


For the out and about

Buses will be provided for the cultural experience.


Visiting schools
Teachers are responsible for booking their own rooms at the

Hotel Parc Plaza

5 Avenue Marie-Thérèse,

2132 Luxembourg


Please see the hotel booking form in the downloads section of this web page.


Visiting schools will be responsible for paying for rooms upon arrival. We can make provision for schools to pay hotel bills ahead of time.

Visiting teachers/chaperones should book themselves into the hotel for the nights of 30th, 31st March and 1st April 2017.

Single rooms cost €116 per night inclusive of breakfast and wifi.


Visiting students
Students will stay with host families.
There will be no charge for accommodation.
Housing will be offered for three nights from 30th March 2017.


ISTA artists
ISTA will book and pay for single room accommodation at the Hotel Parc Plaza for the nights of 29th, 30th and 31st March and 1st April 2017.


ISTA will also book and pay for rooms for the AD and Rep for the night of Tuesday March 28th.


Artists will be responsible for any miscellaneous costs during their stay at the hotel.

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