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Primary School festivals for children aged 9-10 
Middle School festivals for young people aged 10-14
High School festivals for young people aged 14-18

Our model is based on a collaborative process culminating in a final performance and includes ensembles, workshops, full group, host housing, out and about (artistic/cultural experience in the host city) and social activities.

For the current festival calendar, please see below.

I think the festival experience really goes to show how when you are in a group and you put your mind to it, you can create something. In fact, when we first staged our performance I was surprised we had it so fast. It was almost unrealistically fast.
Student at Beijing MS festival, March 2014

Event terms and conditions

ISTA Terezin and Eden Project festivals

2016-2017 ISTA festival calendar

Performing Arts Academy Shanghai
The Studio in Terzin
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The Library
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Fest Track
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